Thursday, August 11, 2022
LifestyleAmazon Announces Maximum Offer on Apple iPhone 13 New Model 2022

Amazon Announces Maximum Offer on Apple iPhone 13 New Model 2022

Apple recently introduced its iPhone SE3 2022 model. As expected, the new iPhone SE comes with a host of new features, including 5G connectivity. In this case, the price of the iPhone 13 model has been drastically reduced on Amazon. Accordingly, the iPhone 13 Base model variable is priced at Rs.53,100.

In India, the 128GB iPhone 13 Pace model is priced Starting at Rs.79,900. Currently, the Amazon Online Shopping site offers a six percent discount on the iPhone 13 model. In that category, the price variable is Rs.74,900. Apart from this some more offers have been announced. Accordingly, in the Exchange offer, the new iPhone 13 model Can be purchased at a price of at Rs.53,100.

Customers can exchange their old smartphones for Up to Rs.15,800 can be discounted. Accordingly, the iPhone 13 is priced at Rs.59,100. In addition, when using selected bank cards, Rs.6000 additional discount is offered. The iPhone 13 is Available for priced at Rs.53,100.

Earlier, a similar offer was announced for the iPhone 11 model. The iPhone 11 model is priced at Only Rs.35,000 were given. The Apple iPhone 11 is a two year old model. But the iPhone 13 is a new model that was recently introduced. It comes with A15 Bionic chipset, dual camera, Super Retina XDR display and various other features.

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