LifestyleBill Gates After Divorce would like marry again Melinda

Bill Gates After Divorce would like marry again Melinda

Bill Gates has said he wants to remarry his estranged wife, Melinda.

One of the richest men in the world, Microsoft founder Bill Gates and his wife Melinda’s 30-year marriage broke up last year.

The couple divorced in May last year. They have 3 children, Jenner, Rory and Pope.

In an interview with the London Sunday Times, Bill Gates said he wanted to remarry Melinda. He added, “The last two years have been a very important one.

The reason for this is corona infection. For me it was a different time; It was time to realize some. Every marriage goes towards change after the children grow up and leave home. Divorce But our marriage is the best marriage.

We formed the foundation together. I feel lucky to still be working for the Foundation with my ex-wife. Our Foundation’s Annual Staff Meeting is held in June. This is also the annual meeting that Melinda and I hold together.

Hope to be more friendly with Melinda. I had a very important, close yet complex relationship with him. However we decided to work together.

Marriages are so complicated as to why our marriage ended first, it is futile to explore it. We are both recovering from the impact of divorce. I will never marry another woman.

But I want to remarry Melinda. As for my future, I have no plans, but I recommend marriage. I don’t know if Melinda Gates will ever remarry, “said Bill Gates.

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