LifestyleMake Rakhi for your brother on this Rakshabandhan

Make Rakhi for your brother on this Rakshabandhan

Let us tell you today how to make five types of Rakhi, with which you can decorate your brother's wrist.

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To celebrate the loving bond between brothers and sisters, the auspicious day of Rakshabandhan is about to arrive in a few days. However, if you have not yet bought Rakhi for this, then to express your love towards your brother, you can make beautiful Rakhi at home with your own hands. Let us tell you today how to make five types of Rakhi, with which you can decorate your brother’s wrist.

Cartoon rakhi

If your brother is younger and he is fond of cartoons then choose his favorite cartoon character like Tom and Jerry or Doraemon and make a rakhi from him. For this, first cut two colored felts in the shape of a circle of different diameters, then place a satin ribbon in the center of the felt and stick it with glue.

Now paste a thick sticker of a cartoon character on top of it. In this way your brother’s favorite Rakhi is ready.

Zari ki rakhi

If you want to make the best and beautiful Rakhi for your brother then use Zari, which is golden in colour. First take a zari motif depicting a peacock or flower, then choose a bright colored string matching the color of the zari and sew it to the sides of the motif. You can also stick the lanyard using cloth adhesive.

Rakhi with cotton earbuds

First paint some cotton earbuds with three different colors and let them dry, then cut a circle out of cardboard and staple a string to it. Now cut different colored cotton earbuds into different shapes and paste them in a circle.

Make two-three balls like this and let them dry completely before using. After this your Rakhi will be ready. You can also decorate Rakhi plate like this.

Foam rakhi

For this, first of all, take three silk strings and weave it like a braid, then wrap the zari threads on both the ends of it. Now paste a thin layer of foam on it. For this, cut the foam in the same shape in which you want to stick the pearl.

Then with the help of glue, prepare your foam rakhi by sticking colored paper and pearls on it. Well, we have also told you gifts for your sister .

Quill paper rakhi

This is an easy to make paper rakhi, for which you need quilling paper. To make this first cut colored paper quills and make attractive and unique shapes of different sizes using quilling kit.

Now stick a kundan in the center of each quill, then stick the beads on top of it as well. After this, stick a nice ribbon on the back of the Rakhi. This Rakhi is ready.

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