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Sara Ali Khan stays fit with this diet and exercise, know the secret of her fitness

Let us know Sara's diet and workout plan today.

If you are in need of some inspiration to get rid of your excess body fat then Bollywood actress Sara Ali Khan will surely inspire you. Sarah weighed 96 kg as a teenager and has also suffered from PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease).

However, after completing her graduation, Sara worked hard to reduce her weight. Let us know Sara’s diet and workout plan today.

Getting Started with Cardio-Heavy Workout to Lose Weight

Sara had told in an interview that she used to take various classes from boxing to cycling at her home. However, he was initially overweight, so he practiced cardio-heavy workouts like walking, cycling and treadmill etc. to shed some weight before entering the moderate level of exercise .

Sara likes to do Pilates for a strong core

Talking about now, Sara works out for one and a half hours every day. Apart from cardio, she also does a variety of Pilates exercises to maintain a strong core. According to Sara, “Pilates gives me strength, which is helpful not only in looking good but also in increasing physical stamina.” During her more hectic routine, she practices Vinyasa yoga or 45-minute boxing sessions.

‘Love Aaj Kal’ actress attends boot camp training regularly

Sara regularly attends her boot camp training under Cindy Jourdain, who also trains celebrities like Shahid Kapoor and his wife Mira Kapoor. This boot camp includes crossfit, yoga , martial arts and dance. Sara had also shared a video on Instagram, in which she participates in an intense body conditioning session. She practices dance even after being trained in the traditional dance form of Odissi.

Diet plan of ‘Atrangi Re’ actress

Sara drinks a glass of hot water first thing in the morning and in breakfast she eats idli, egg white and bread toast. During lunch, she prefers to eat home-cooked food, in which Sara usually eats roti, dal, salad, fruits and vegetables. For snacks, Sara eats a bowl of upma, while for dinner, the actress eats roti with green vegetables.

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