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Simple ways to fix hair loss problem immediately

Vitamin-D, Vitamin-C, Zinc, Riboflavin, Bolic Acid, Vitamin-B12, Biotin, Vitamin-E etc. promote hair growth.

Due to various reasons such as stress, work load, environmental pollution, genetic mutation, nutritional deficiency, both men and women are facing increasing problem of hair loss.

Hair loss is stressful for many people, especially for young people. Here’s how to prevent this. It is better to avoid frequent hairstyles as this can easily damage the hair.

Styling hair using heated tools like straighteners and curlers can damage the hair and leave it without moisture.

Do not use any chemical-rich hair care such as dyeing or bleaching the hair. Similarly, shampoo removes the dirt from the head, due to its frequent use, the sulfate in it gives problems like gray hair and hair loss.

Using wooden combs and soft brushes on the scalp can stimulate blood flow and help hair grow. A high intake of vitamin-D, vitamin-C and iron provides a solution to hair loss.

Also zinc, riboflavin, folic acid, vitamin-B12, biotin, vitamin-E etc. promote hair growth.

Also, using oils mixed with peppermint, Chinese hibiscus, ginseng, jatamansi, lavender etc. for hair will give good results.

At least 4 minutes of scalp massage should be done every day and you should include strawberries, blueberries, beans and spinach in your daily diet. Smoking damages your hair, so you should stop smoking immediately.

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