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LifestyleThese habits related to diet and lifestyle can slow down metabolism

These habits related to diet and lifestyle can slow down metabolism

However, if you are not able to lose weight, it means that your metabolism is slow, due to which your eating habits are increasing. habits and lifestyle may be there.

The chemical reactions taking place in the body are called metabolism and it works to convert food into energy.

If your metabolism is fast, then you will burn calories quickly and this will help in controlling the increasing weight.

However, if you are not able to lose weight, it means that your metabolism is slow, due to which your eating habits are increasing. habits and lifestyle may be there.

Dr. Akanksha Saxena told important things related to metabolism

Dr Akanksha explained that the efficiency of metabolism depends on factors like age, gender and genes and these factors cannot be changed, but certain methods can help in speeding up or slowing down the metabolism.

The most important of these is the activities of day-to-day living, then the flexibility of the individual’s muscles.

The greater the activity and the greater the flexibility of the muscles, the higher the metabolic rate.

Skip any mile of the day

If you think that by skipping any meal of the day, you can prevent more calories from going inside, then let us tell you that by doing so your metabolism will also slow down.

Apart from this, skipping meals will make you very hungry throughout the day and in such a situation, you can consume more calories than eating snacks etc. Therefore, eat food on time and include things rich in nutrients in it.

Not drinking enough water

If you consume less water then it will cause dehydration problem.

Apart from this, your metabolism will also be affected due to this, which is not good for those who control weight.

Therefore, you can improve your habit of not drinking water or drinking less . and drink as much water as you can.

It would be better if you make a habit of drinking one or two glasses of water an hour after eating anything.

Not exercising

If you pretend that your lifestyle is too busy for not exercising, then let us tell you that due to this not only metabolism but also your health can be badly affected.

Therefore, to reduce the increasing weight, pay special attention to exercise along with diet, because doing some light-weight exercises daily provides many health benefits and metabolism is also accelerated.

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Eating a lot of sugary things

High sugar foods is bad for your metabolism and health, be it in the form of soft drinks, packaged fruit juices, donuts or sweets.

Refined sugar can cause our body to produce more insulin, which can lead to type 2 diabetes.

Not only this, it also slows down the metabolism, due to which fat can build up in the stomach and liver.

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