LifestyleThis is the right age of children for sex education, parents should...

This is the right age of children for sex education, parents should follow these tips, there will be no hesitation

As a parent, it is your duty to inform your child about every subject, even if it is sex education. People often ignore sex education and hesitate to talk about it. It is important that you talk openly with children about sex education.

Hearing the name of sex, people’s ears stand up. The word sex is quite common in foreign countries, but if we talk about India, then people slow down their tone while speaking the word sex. Even today people in India hesitate to talk openly about the word sex.

On the other hand, if it comes to giving sex education to children, then Indian parents run far away. There are hardly any parents who would openly talk to their children about sex. Giving sex education is very important for parents.

You must have often heard that whenever small children ask their parents how they came into this world, the parents tell them in response that they were brought to this world by fairies.

There are many questions in the mind of children about everything, often parents give answers to the rest of the questions to the children but do not give any information about sex, due to which the children are very curious to know about it and More and more questions are asked about this.

Sexual health education coordinator Lorraine O’Connell says that if the younger generation wants to know a lot about sex, it does not mean that they want to do it. He wants to know about this because there is a lot of hidden talk on this topic, due to which there is a curiosity in his mind to know about it.

Many research has revealed that it is important to give sex related information to children so that they do not engage in sexual activities at an early age, prevent puberty pregnancy and reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Lorraine told that she has noticed in today’s time that sex chatting and sending nudes has become quite common in the younger generation, which can sometimes put her in big danger. In such a situation, it is important for parents to talk to their children about sex-related things before they go to secondary school. Lorraine has shared some tips for parents so that they can give sex education to their children without any hesitation.

  • Prepare yourself for questions, so that you do not get angry and do not silence them.
  • Even if your child does not ask you any question related to sex, do not over react on it.
  • Do not refuse to answer any question, if you do not know much about something, then ask the child to gather information for it on his own and then definitely ask him about it.
  • Explain to your child not as a parent, but like a friend or expert.
  • Use correct terms while telling children about body parts. If you will call body parts by any other name then they may think that it is wrong to use the correct name of body parts.

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