LifestyleWhy Mother's Day 2022 Celebrated Word Wide on May 8 History

Why Mother’s Day 2022 Celebrated Word Wide on May 8 History

On every May 8 considered Mother’s Day in South America, North America, Some Europe Countries, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, India, South Africa, Ghana, Italy, Turkey, Germany, Finland, Latvia, Taiwan, Vietnam. Do you know the thing why we are celebrating May 8 as Mothers day?

Mother’s Day was first started in the year 1908 in America. The first Mother’s Day was held in 1908 at Andrews Methodist Church in Grafton.

Today’s date is very special for the world. Today Mother’s Day 2022 is being celebrated all over the world. This day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of the month of May.

Its purpose is to remember the unconditional love by mothers around the world and every sacrifice they make for their children. On this occasion, everyone thank the women who played the role of mother or mother in their life for their sacrifice and dedication.

Where did the day start?

Mother’s Day was first started in the year 1908 in America. Mother’s Day was celebrated for the first time in 1908 at Andrews Methodist Church in Grafton (West Virginia).

The result of the popularity of this day was that in the year 1914, the then President of America, Woodrow Wilson, declared it as the National Day of the country.

Why did the day start?

Ann Reeves Jarvis was an American woman. She spent her lifetime making women aware of how they should raise their children. Seeing mothers devoted to their children throughout the year, Anna Reeves also expressed her wish that someday someone would dedicate one day a year to fulfill her mother’s wishes.

He will be respected for his services. Mother’s Day Work Club was organized by Anna Reeves Jarvis for health awareness. She wanted to organize this club as an annual memorial. However, he died before that in the year 1905.

Daughter Fulfilled Dream

Ann Reeves Jarvis’s Dream Fulfilled by Her Daughter Anna Jarvis. After the death of his mother, he continued his work. In 1908, Anna Jarvis held a memorial ceremony at Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church to honor her mother and all mothers on the second Sunday of May.

After this, gradually this day started becoming popular in America and other countries as well. In the year 1914, it was formally declared as the day in America. After this other countries also approved it.

Different date in some countries

Mother’s Day is celebrated in other months instead of May in many countries. In the United Kingdom, it is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of March. At the same time, Mother’s Day is celebrated in Norway in February. Inspired by different stories, only on different dates, but on this day everyone pays respect to their mothers.

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