Thursday, August 11, 2022
PoliticsED will investigate Minister Senthil Balaji Soon Says BJP President Annamalai

ED will investigate Minister Senthil Balaji Soon Says BJP President Annamalai

Tamil Nadu BJP president Annamalai assured that the enforcement department will investigate Minister Senthil Balaji soon.

Chennai: On the occasion of Golden Jubilee, Prime Minister Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah have requested many BJP members to hoist the national flag at homes across the country. Accordingly, BJP State President Annamalai presented the national flags to the district leaders for the national flag hoisting ceremony in Tamil Nadu.

Following this, he said to the media that all the parties should provide national flags at homes regardless of party affiliation. He said that on behalf of BJP, we are planning to hoist the national flag in 50 lakh houses. He also said, “They say that there is no freedom of opinion and expression. The then Prime Minister Vajpayee was the first to condemn the former DMK leader for carrying the late artist out of his house.

Now they have summoned Sonia for questioning. Is it democracy to block roads for that? Everything should not be seen as political. The trust in the Tamil Nadu government and the amount of cow’s milk has decreased. They have committed a huge fraud in Aavin’s company by reducing the quantity of milk.

They have reduced 70 ml milk in a half liter milk packet to 430 ml milk only. 70 lakh half liter packets of milk are sold daily. 3 rupees 8 paise per cover milk should be reduced by reducing the quantity. It is not possible for the public to check every packet of milk. They have staged this fraud in that hope. Who went to this illegally rolled money? As usual, we cannot get away with blaming the authorities alone. In the DMK regime, various new styles of malpractice are going on. People are also being cheated.

DMK is playing politics by deceiving people, how is GST in Tamil Nadu? Nirmala Sitharaman spoke with evidence in Parliament that the ruling DMK is deceiving the people. But MPs from Tamil Nadu left without hearing it. Minister Senthil Balaji, who is on the investigation list of the enforcement department, will also be interrogated by the enforcement department soon,” he said.

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