Real Time Top 10 Billionaires in the World 2022

The IMAPHSY Global Most Richest People Billionaires Index List updates daily ranking based on the calculations of profit and losses after net worth for each billionaire’s profiles to be updated on every day.

The realtime updating Billionaires rank list on every day.

Rank NameNet WorthIndustryCountry
1Elon Musk$247 BTechnology (SpaceX, Tesla)United States
2Jeff Bezos$150 BConsumer (LVMH)France
3Bernard Arnault$147 BTechnology (Amazon)United States
4Bill Gates$125 BTechnology (Microsoft)United States
5Gautam Adani$123 BIndustrial (Infrastructure, Commodities)India
6Warren Buffett$119 BDiversified (Berkshire Hathaway)United States
7Mukesh Ambani$106 BDiversified (Oil, Energy)India
8Larry Page$99 BTechnology (Google)United States
9Sergey Brin$96 BTechnology (Google)United States
10Steve Ballmer$94 BTechnology (Microsoft)United States