SportsHow to watch F1 Canadian GP 2022 live stream in USA

How to watch F1 Canadian GP 2022 live stream in USA

This season’s F1 live streams are usually shown on ESPN, spread across the various ESPN channels. However, keep in mind that ABC will have free coverage of the Austin and Mexican Grand Prix.

There are a number of ways you can access ESPN—two of which are our picks for the best streaming services.

ESPN is available with most cable packages and cable TV replacement services, including Sling TV, Fubo.TV, YouTube TV, and Hulu with Live TV.

Available through your cable service, you can stream the race through the ESPN app or in the Watch section of the ESPN website. However, in order to watch any session, you must authorize your satellite, cable or live TV provider.

If you don’t want to pay for live ESPN in any genre, F1 TV Pro (opens in new tab) is the best option for you. This is F1’s own official F1 live stream service and, like ESPN’s own coverage, uses feeds from Sky Sports F1.

The F1 TV Pro costs $10 per month, or $80 per season, which is a pretty decent value considering the 22 races this year. You’ll also find collections from Formula 2, Formula 3 and the classic Grand Prix of Force Supercar Racing and F1.

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Also remember, you usually live in the US but aren’t currently there, and you can still watch services you’ve already subscribed to through a VPN, such as ExpressVPN (which opens on a new tab). Opens in) – i.e. you can watch F1 live broadcasts anywhere in the world.

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