SportsIPL 2022 Which Team will enter playoffs as final 4?

IPL 2022 Which Team will enter playoffs as final 4?

The IPL play-offs are set to begin on May 24.

Mumbai: The IPL 2022 matches will be played in India from March 26. Due to the corona environment all matches are being played at only 4 venues in Mumbai.

The play-offs and finals will be played at the Ahmedabad and Kolkata venues only. As this year’s IPL mega auction has taken place some of the key players in each team are playing for other teams.

Chennai and Mumbai, considered to be the strongest teams in the IPL, have been eliminated from the top two in the play-off round this year.

Both the teams are facing this situation as they have been facing a series of defeats since the start of the IPL matches. And for the first time in the history of the IPL, the Chennai team has suffered 9 defeats in a season.

With Gujarat, Lucknow and Rajasthan having qualified for the play – off round, expectations are high as to who will be the fourth team to go inside. Currently Bangalore team is in the 4th position with 14 points.

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Delhi, Kolkata and Punjab are next in line. Today Punjab and Delhi teams are playing. Whoever wins this match will advance to 4th place in the points table.

The Delhi team is more likely to qualify for the play-offs if they win the remaining 2 matches. At the same time, Bangalore must win the match against Gujarat.

Failure to do so may result in losing the play-off opportunity. It is also important that each team wins at the highest run rate to qualify for 4th place.

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