SportsSprinter Tamil Nadu Athlete Player Dhanalakshmi Banned for 3 Years by AIU...

Sprinter Tamil Nadu Athlete Player Dhanalakshmi Banned for 3 Years by AIU for Failing Dope Test

The World Anti-Doping Agency has banned Tamil Nadu athlete Dhanalakshmi from participating in international athletics competitions.

England: Dhanalakshmi, who won gold in the 200m race at the 61st National Athletics Championships held in Chennai last month, was directly selected for the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England.

In this case, in the environment where she was preparing herself to participate in the Commonwealth Games, Dhanalakshmi was tested for doping.

A doping test conducted last month confirmed that Dhanalakshmi was using doping.

Following this, Dhanalakshmi was denied permission to participate in the Commonwealth Games. Therefore, when the International Anti-Doping Agency interrogated Dhanalakshmi, Dhanalakshmi admitted her wrongdoing, the sentence of Dhanalakshmi was reduced from four years to three years.

Generally, if an athlete is found to be doping, the World Anti-Doping Agency will ban him from international competition for 4 years. In this case, it is noteworthy that because Dhanalakshmi has admitted her mistake, her sentence has been reduced to 3 years.

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