StoriesBefore Buying AC you need to consider this things

Before Buying AC you need to consider this things

Are you planning to buy AC for your home? This is a must read

As Summer heatwave increased day by day, the crowd at the AC stores began to wave. Buying AC is no ordinary thing. There are many things to consider before purchasing.

In particular, there are different types of ACs to suit your needs, condition and accommodation. ACs were once considered a luxury and have now become a household item bought by all parties.

And they are packed with features that will give you good value for money. So, if you are planning to buy a new AC, below are some things to know before buying it.

Window AC

Window AC is cheaper than split AC. Window AC is all-inclusive. Split AC is divided into two parts, one inside and the other outside.

Despite its low price, the noise coming from it is a huge problem. The window should have enough sturdy space to hold 1,1.5 and 2-ton models.

It’s big but it’s cheap. Window AC is easy to install but sells well for its noise.

Split AC

Split ACs provide the necessary cooling as the rooms in a home, no matter how large, are adapted to the bedroom and living room. This AC can be fitted into two sections as interior and exterior.

So the box on the outside takes care of the noise and heat dissipation so the area venting the cold air inside is twice as safe.

Unlike window AC, split AC can be a bit difficult to set up. Split ACs are quiet and you do not have to prepare a separate space to fit them. But they are expensive, so you can only buy them if the budget allows.

Suitable for any AC for rental housing

Now, when deciding on a split or window AC model, there are a few factors to consider, especially if you live in a rented apartment or own home.

If you need to change your house every two years, it is better to buy window AC. This is because it is easy to disassemble and reassemble.

Window AC models can be easily replaced compared to split AC models. Also, every time you replace your house with split AC, the coolant case will come out and you will have to top-up the coolant case after fitting the split AC, which is an additional costly task.

Which 1 ton or 1.5-ton AC is better?

It’s time to look at the potential of the AC you can buy. The key factors for the proper size of the AC are to look at factors such as the size of the room, whether the room is on the ground floor or on the floor. This is because the cooling level depends on how much sunlight is in a room.

Generally, a house / room on the ground floor does not require high capacity AC. ACs that come in 1-ton, 1.5-ton and 2-ton capacities are sufficient.

AC Electricity Cost

Although ACs are great for keeping us cool, its high electrical charge can make us dizzy. So it is important to look at its star rating before buying an AC. This star rating is based on how much energy an air conditioner uses. ACs are available from 1 to 5 star rating. Rating ACs from 3 to 5 are excellent. But going for high rated AC is more expensive. So, before taking a three star or five star AC, always be careful about your AC usage and room size.

Inverter or non-inverter AC: which is better?

Most of the words you see or hear when planning to buy AC are inverter. Usually when buying an inverter model, the AC model allows users to change the cooling capacity as needed and helps save on electricity charges.

Inverter AC is often the power saving feature. But keep in mind that inverter AC models are more expensive and the cost of spare parts and servicing is higher than non-inverter ACs.

You may have seen a lot of ACs today that carry the tag of the inverter. Now, for example, if you buy a 1.5 ton inverter AC, this model can operate up to 0.5 ton and 1.5 ton cooling capacity depending on the outside temperature.

If you buy a non-1.5 ton inverter model, this AC model will always operate with a 1.5 ton cooling capacity. Inverter AC is often the power saving feature. But keep in mind that inverter AC models are more expensive and the cost of spare parts and servicing is higher than inverter ACs.

Adding this feature ensures efficient cooling at temperatures suitable for your conditions. This makes the product more expensive, so we recommend going for the non-inverter version until you think it will make a big improvement in your home cooling.

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