Tamil Nadu4,800 MPs, MLAs Eligible to Vote Today Indian Presidential Election 2022

4,800 MPs, MLAs Eligible to Vote Today Indian Presidential Election 2022

Chennai: The election to elect the new President of India is going on today. 4,800 MPs and MLAs vote across the country. Chief Minister M.K.Stalin, who has fully recovered from the corona virus, is going to vote in person at the Chief Secretariat.

President Ram Nath Kovind’s tenure ends on 24th. The election to elect the 15th President of the country will be held today. In this election, Drarubathi Murmu is contesting as the BJP alliance candidate and Yashwant Sinha is contesting from the opposition party.

MPs and MLAs are going to choose the new president through ballot. Polling takes place at the Chief Secretariat in the respective states for the MLAs to cast their votes. 234 MLAs in Tamil Nadu can cast their votes in a committee meeting hall at the Chief Secretariat premises in Chennai. Voting starts at 10 am.

Ballot boxes will be brought to the polling center with tight security beforehand. Voting will start at exactly 10 am. The election will be held till 5 pm. Among them, 234 MLAs and 3 MPs with special permission Selvaraj (Nagapatnam), Erode Ganesamurthy (Erodu) and Karthi Chidambaram (Sivaganga) are voting in Chennai. It has been reported that the DMK MLAs are going to come and vote at the same time.

Chief Minister M.K.Stalin has been infected with Corona and is now fully recovered. He will be discharged today. He is also going to come and vote directly. At the same time, Minister Avadi Nasar and AIADMK Coordinator O. Panneer Selvam have been affected by Corona.

Special arrangements have been made for them to vote following the Corona safety protocols. Also Edappadi team MLAs under the leadership of Edappadi Palaniswami will come to the Chief Secretariat simultaneously to cast their votes. Also OPS team MLAs are also coming as a group to vote.

Similarly, it has been reported that Congress and BJP MLAs are also going to vote as a group. After the counting of votes at 5 pm, the ballot box will be sealed and will be flown from Chennai to Delhi with security tonight. Across the country, 4,800 people including 543 Lok Sabha MPs, 233 Rajya Sabha MPs and 4033 MLAs are eligible to vote.

Arrangements have been made for voting in the Parliament and the respective state legislatures for this election. Counting of votes will be held in the Parliament complex on 21st. The winning candidate will be sworn in as the country’s 15th president on the 25th.

MP, MLA vote value

  • A vote of a Member of Parliament is worth 700.
  • Due to absence of Legislative Assembly in Jammu and Kashmir, the vote value of the Member of Parliament has decreased from 708 to 700.
  • The vote value of each MLA varies from state to state.
  • Vote value of Uttar Pradesh MLAs is highest in the country. An MLA’s vote is worth 208.
  • Vote value of an MLA in Jharkhand, Tamil Nadu is 176, in Maharashtra 175, in Nagaland 9, in Mizoram 8 and least in Sikkim the vote value of an MLA is 7.
  • Nominated MPs, MLAs and members of the Legislative Council are not entitled to vote.
  • Heavy police security has been arranged at Chennai Chief Secretariat. No one except MLAs and MPs are allowed to enter the polling venue.
  • 61% support for Murmu

National Progressive Alliance candidate Dravupati Murmu is supported by parties like Biju Janata Dal, YSR Congress, Bahujan Samaj, AIADMK, Telugu Desam, Secular Janata Dal, Shiromani Akali Dal, Shiv Sena, Jharkhand Mukti Morcha, Bharatiya Samaj Party, apart from the parties in the ruling BJP alliance. It is likely to get two-thirds of the votes.

It is also said that if we look at the total votes, more than 6.67 lakh votes out of 10,86,431 votes will get to Draupathi Murmu. Murmu has secured 61% of the votes so far, making him the most likely to be elected as the next president. Thus, in the history of India, a woman belonging to a tribal community has become the President.

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