Tamil NaduAcharapakkam inspector is linked with the Arumbakkam Federal bank robbery case

Acharapakkam inspector is linked with the Arumbakkam Federal bank robbery case

It has been reported that the Acharappakkam inspector is connected with the Arumbakkam bank robbery case. According to the police, 3.7 kg of gold was seized from the inspector's house.

Chennai: 11 special teams were formed and five people were arrested in connection with the theft of gold jewelery from Arumbakkam Private Jewelery Loan Federal Bank. The police said that 31.7 kg of gold jewelery which was allegedly stolen was seized. However, the police have reported that only 28 kg of gold has been confiscated.

According to the police, the bank has wrongly overestimated the amount of stolen gold. After this, the bank executives were asked by the police to submit documents about the amount of stolen gold.

A serious investigation was also carried out as to how much gold the robbers looted. Based on that, the two robbers, Balaji and Santosh, who were arrested yesterday, have been detained for 5 days and the police are investigating.

The investigation conducted with them revealed startling information. In particular, it was revealed that the robber Santosh roamed around the Bozhichalur area for two hours after the robbery incident, when the cell phone signals were analyzed. It has also been revealed that Amalraj’s wife Mercy and Santhosh’s wife Jayanthi are related.

Based on this, Santosh was interrogated. It is said that at one point, Santosh revealed where he had hidden the gold, but the police asked him to swear that the person involved was a police inspector so that he should not be implicated in the case.

It is said that the special forces police have taken an oath that they will not take any action to extract the truth from the robber Santosh. After this, it is said that the robber Santosh admitted that he had hidden gold jewelery in the house of Acharappakkam inspector Amalraj. After this, the special police seized 3.7 kg of gold jewelery from the house of Acharappakkam inspector.

It is also confirmed by the police that Inspector Amalraj was involved in the robbery incident. As Inspector Amalraj is working in Kanchipuram District Police, Chennai Police has asked Inspector Amalraj to report the information related to the robbery incident to Kanchipuram District Police Department for investigation.

At the same time, the Chennai Police Department has also informed that action has been taken against him for the reason that he is hiding the looted gold. The special police are conducting serious investigations into the connection between inspector Amalraj and his wife Mercy in the robbery incident. According to the police, further action will be taken based on the available evidence.

However, it is noteworthy that the total amount of gold jewelery stolen from the bank and the amount of gold jewelery looted by the robbers remain in question. According to the Special Police, serious investigation is being conducted from the perspective of whether anyone else is involved in this robbery incident.

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