Tamil NaduAnother Shinde from Tamil Nadu will depart from DMK says BJP Annamalai

Another Shinde from Tamil Nadu will depart from DMK says BJP Annamalai

BJP is growing rapidly in Tamil Nadu; A Shinde to leave DMK – Annamalai speech at BJP rally

BJP is growing rapidly in Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu BJP President Annamalai has said that a Shinde will leave DMK.

The Tamil Nadu BJP Yesterday condemned the DMK government for not fulfilling its election promises and urged it to fulfill its election promises immediately across Tamil Nadu. The BJP protested that the DMK government did not fulfill the promises of Rs 1000 per month to the heads of the family, reduction of petrol and diesel prices.

In this, Tamil Nadu BJP President Annamalai participated in the protest held from 10 am to 5 pm in Chennai’s Valluvar constituency. Similarly, in Coimbatore, CP Radhakrishnan, Vanathi Srinivasan and Union Minister Pon Radhakrishnan participated in the protest in Trichy.

Speaking at the protest, Annamalai said it has been 15 months since the DMK came to power. DMK made 505 election promises before the elections. But DMK has not fulfilled these election promises even after 15 months. People will not accept their explanations. They have already presented 2 budgets.

But promises are not fulfilled. You have no reason to. You have deceived people. If the 505 election promises are not fulfilled by December 31, BJP will start the padayatra on January 1 and end the padayatra on December 31 in Gopalapuram area. BJP workers should be ready to give up all their family income for a year and participate in the Padayatra.

BJP is growing rapidly in Tamil Nadu. BJP will definitely form 25 MPs in Tamil Nadu in 2024. Only if we create 25 MPs, we can get 180 legislators and form a government in Tamil Nadu in 2026. Only then will Tamil Nadu get redemption for its sins.

This government is not listening to the demands of the people. Even the British government listened to the demands of the people. So far BJP has protested 3 times for people’s demands. We are even ready to go on strike for 1 week in the coming days. The central government has reduced the price of petrol and diesel twice. But the DMK government did not reduce it.

Opposition parties are dissolving in BJP-ruled states. Two and a half years ago a selfish 3 party alliance formed the government. Shiv Sena, Congress and Nationalist Congress formed an alliance and formed the government. Even though the BJP was the single largest party, it could not form the government. Their two ministers bullied the BJP functionaries as much as they could. Uddhav Thackeray was blindfolded and restrained. Now their home minister Deshmukh is in jail. Nawab Malik of the Nationalist Congress is in jail.

These are all enforcement cases. After two and a half years, Eknath Shinde has formed a Shiv Sena-BJP government against Uddhav Thackeray. Now Uddhav Thackeray has the support of only 13 MLAs.

Eknath Shinde went to Surat with Maharashtra Police protection. You may be in power. But you never know what will happen. The police will not be on your side. This is Raja Dharma. What happens when it happens happens. It happened two and a half years after the Maharashtra Govt.

Let’s see when it happens to Tamil Nadu. Only one more month. We don’t have an Eknath Shinde. There are many people. Eknath Shinde is ready to leave DMK in Tamil Nadu. One Eknath Shinde will leave the DMK if Udayanidhi is made a minister.

They will say that Shiv Sena is different and DMK is different. Let’s see if the two are different. Thackeray’s first son Bindu Thackeray tried to act in cinema but the film did not work. Karunanidhi’s elder son M.K.Muthu tried to act in cinema. He was not set. Thackeray’s second son is out of the family. Similarly, Karunanidhi’s second son Alagiri is away from the family.

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Third son Uddhav became Chief Minister of Maharashtra. Here Karunanidhi’s third son Stalin is the chief minister. Aditya Thackeray was the youth secretary there. Later he became a minister. Here Udhayanidhi is young and when he becomes a minister a Shinde will definitely come from DMK. This is the power created by nature, said Annamalai.

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