Tamil NaduArumbakkam FEDBANK bank robbery real estate tycoon arrested 18 kg gold jewelry...

Arumbakkam FEDBANK bank robbery real estate tycoon arrested 18 kg gold jewelry recovered

Police have arrested another person in the incident of jewelery robbery at a private bank in Arumbakkam and seized 18 kg of gold from him.

Chennai: Yesterday, 32 kg of gold jewelery was looted from the Pet Bank branch in Arumbakkam, Chennai. Arumbakkam police got information about this robbery which took place in broad daylight.

After going there and conducting an investigation, it was revealed that the bank branch guard and manager and the female employee working there had been drugged in the cold drink and this robbery took place.

Also, an employee named Murugan working in the same bank branch was found involved in the robbery along with his friends. Subsequently, the police formed a special force and are looking for Murugan and his accomplices.

Meanwhile, the police have arrested Murugan’s accomplices Balaji and Santhosh who were involved in the bank robbery and are investigating. But they were disappointed yesterday as they did not have the jewelery stolen from the bank. Meanwhile, the police have arrested one more person in this case. Real estate tycoon Senthil Kumar has now been arrested.

Police also seized 18 kg of gold jewelery from him. The investigation revealed that Santosh, who had already been arrested, gave the jewelery to Senthil Kumar and asked him to sell it. The remaining jewels will be recovered after the arrest of the main culprit Murugan, the police said.

Meanwhile, it is noteworthy that the police has announced that a reward of one lakh rupees will be given to the constable who catches the criminal and to the public who gives a clue.

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