Tamil NaduBJP Designed Saffron Colour Gandhi Cap with Party Lotus Symbol

BJP Designed Saffron Colour Gandhi Cap with Party Lotus Symbol

According to the Gujarat BJP 30,000 Caps have been prepared for the first phase.

Prime Minister Modi, who was on his way to his home state of Gujarat, started from Ahmedabad airport and traveled by road in an open vehicle decorated with flowers.

Party Workers who had gathered on the roads at the time gave an enthusiastic welcome. During the visit, Prime Minister Modi wore a newly designed saffron Cap.

The hat was also worn by BJP executives in Gujarat who attended events with Prime Minister Modi. The Gujarat BJP has made this Topi.

The saffron colored cap is embroidered with thin embroidery and has the word Bajaj (Gujarati) engraved on it.

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The lotus symbolizes the BJP in the center of the hat. “We have initially prepared 30,000 such Caps and will place orders when demand increases,” said Gujarat state BJP leader CR Patil.

It is noteworthy that all the volunteers in the Samajwadi Party, the main opposition party in Uttar Pradesh, including its leader Akhilesh, wore red Topi at election rallies.

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