Tamil NaduCCPA imposes Rs.10 Lakh Penalty for Sensodyne Toothpaste Misleading Ads

CCPA imposes Rs.10 Lakh Penalty for Sensodyne Toothpaste Misleading Ads

Sensodyne Toothpaste has been ordered by the CCPA and fined Rs 10 lakh for misrepresenting its advertisement to impress customers.

The Central Consumer Protection Commission (CCPA) has ordered the Sensodyne toothpaste company to stop using it in a misleading way to impress customers. It also imposed a fine of Rs.10 lakh.

There are various toothpaste advertisements for dental care. But, above all, the Sensodyne ad was broadcast on channels with different opinions.

It has been aired with the caption “Recommended by Dentists in the World” and “World’s Number One Sensitivity Toothpaste”. The CCPA has ordered GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), a maker of Sensodyne toothpaste, to suspend the ad on the 9th, as the comments in the ad were untrue.

The CCPA filed a lawsuit after seeing the Sensodyne ad. In addition, the Sensodyne ad was published on various social media and channels.

The advertisement said that Sensodyne toothpaste is also recommended by dentists in countries outside India. Abroad it has been reported that Sensodyne Rapid Relief and Sensodyne Brush Gel are recommended for toothpaste.

In addition, the words “Recommended by dentists around the world”, “World’s number one sensitivity toothpaste” operated in 60 seconds, proven by doctors “came.

The CCPA sent a notice to GSK regarding these statements and asked for an explanation. GSK’s response to the two words “recommended by dentists around the world” and “the world’s number one sensitivity toothpaste” has only been studied by physicians in India.

Globally no doctor or association of physicians has filed evidence that this paste was prescribed. GSK has not conducted any research on it abroad.

Based on the statement that it was clinically proven in 60 seconds, the CCPA sent it to the Indian Drug Control Agency for comment. The CCPA demanded that these statements made by GSK in the advertisement be substantiated.

Following this, GSK ordered the Sub-Drug Controller and the Drug Authorization Division to investigate and report on the text, which was proven to be clinically operational within 60 seconds. An investigation is underway in this regard.

Based on the report available at the end of the investigation, GSK will take action against 13 companies that published advertisements that further heightened consumer fears during the Corona period.

In which those companies have withdrawn the ads and 3 companies have edited the ads. But the CCPA also fined Glasgow Smithsline Rs.10 lakh for imposing misconceptions on consumers and misleading them, and banned them from publishing those ads.

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