Tamil NaduChennai Rajiv Gandhi GH caches Fire Accident Safely recovery of all patients

Chennai Rajiv Gandhi GH caches Fire Accident Safely recovery of all patients

Health Secretary Radhakrishnan said the government hospital had to go to every room and inspect it after it caught fire.

Chennai: A fire broke out at the Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospital in Chennai today. The fire, which broke out on the 2nd floor of the neurology unit building, spread like wildfire. Thus the whole building was surrounded by a haze of smoke. Following this, the hospital staff informed the fire department and took part in the rescue operation.

Upon learning of this, firefighters rushed to the scene and rescued those trapped inside the hospital building and put out the fire. The 2 oxygen cylinders that were there at the time suddenly exploded and shattered.

The task of extinguishing the fire was challenging as additional fire trucks were called and firefighting work was underway. Patients were rescued safely by staff.

 Minister Ma Subramanian and Health Secretary Radhakrishnan visited the Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospital and inspected it.

Health Secretary Radhakrishnan said there was a fire in the area where the surgical supplies were kept and after the fire was contained, every room had to be inspected.

There was a fire in one of the old buildings. The new three blocks are safe. Patients were immediately evacuated safely from the burning building. Police are investigating the fire. Firefighting is being carried out by high quality fire trucks. It is advised not to allow any patients in Tower 3, ”Radhakrishnan said.

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