Tamil NaduChina Boeing 737 Plane Crash Accident Last Seconds Important Information

China Boeing 737 Plane Crash Accident Last Seconds Important Information

The Chinese plane was reported to have crashed at exactly 2.15pm and the plane, which was flying at an altitude of 29,100 feet, plunged to 3,225 feet and then lost contact.

Chinese plane crash

A Chinese Easter Passenger flight carrying 133 passengers from Kunming to Guangzhou in southern China has crashed in the mountains of Guangxi. And fell from a height of 3,225 feet, causing a terrible fire. And the whole area looked like heavy smoke.

Of the 133 people on board, the chances of survival are slim. The photos and footage of parts of the plane scattered here and there have caused further suspicion.

Important information about the accident

Also the crashed plane should have landed at 3.05. However, due to the loss of communication with the airport, an emergency message was sent and the search operation revealed that the plane had crashed.

Scenes of falling and crushing in the mountain area have also been released. CCTV footage of the plane crash and wildfires in the mountains where the plane crashed have been released.

At exactly 2.15pm the plane was reported to have crashed head-on and the plane had dropped from an altitude of 29,100 feet to an altitude of 9,075 feet. It then plunged to 3,225 feet in the next 20 seconds and then withdrew from contact. Chinese President Xi Jinping has ordered a comprehensive investigation into the crash.

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