Tamil NaduChina Taiwan War Started 2022? Latest Updates, Status

China Taiwan War Started 2022? Latest Updates, Status

China has threatened to launch a war on Taiwan

China is celebrating Taiwan as an integral part of their country. The country’s military has been conducting periodic combat exercises in the South China Sea.

China, which has been threatening Taiwan in this way, has recently warned that it will not hesitate to go one step further and use military force against Taiwan if necessary.

An audio recording of Chinese President Xi Jinping leaking on YouTube channels confirms this warning. In it, Chinese President Xi Jinping talks to instruct the military to ‘prepare 1.4 lakh troops, 950 ships’.

The audio also contained information about high-ranking officials in the administration of Guangdong province talking about war preparations.

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Speaking at the Quad conference in Japan, US President Jobi warned that “if China invades Taiwan, the US military will step in against it.” In this situation, the audio release of the Chinese president has caused a great stir.

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