Tamil NaduDenmark Shooting at Copenhagen Shopping mall 3 killed

Denmark Shooting at Copenhagen Shopping mall 3 killed

3 people were killed in a shooting at a shopping mall in Denmark.

Copenhagen: There is a mall near the airport in Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark. As it was a Sunday, the mall was a little crowded.

In this case, a person entered the mall with a gun and indiscriminately attacked the customers there.

Shocked by the gunshots, customers ran out of the mall screaming. 3 people in the shopping complex were killed in this shooting. Also, 3 people were seriously injured

The police rushed to the spot on being informed and rescued the injured and admitted them to a nearby hospital for treatment.

The police arrested the 22-year-old youth who carried out the shooting. Police said that the arrested person is from the interior.

But what is the name of the young man who did the shooting? What was the reason for the shooting? The police did not release the information.

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