Tamil NaduDGP Sylendra Babu who gave first aid to the boy at the...

DGP Sylendra Babu who gave first aid to the boy at the Marina beach

DGP Sylendra Babu was crawling on the beach without his uniform. The public appreciated the Police DGP.

Chennai : A lot of people come to Chennai Marina Beach every evening to get some fresh air. Yesterday being Sunday was a holiday and the crowd was more than usual.

Police DGP Sylendra Babu was crawling along the beach with people without uniform around 6 pm. Then, unexpectedly, a boy named Mukesh (10 years old) drowned in the sea. Immediately his relatives and those standing there shouted.

Some people jumped into the sea and rescued the boy Mukesh and brought him out. But the boy was speechless. The police DGP rushed to the spot after seeing the gathering. Sylendra Babu put his hand on the boy’s chest and administered first aid. The boy opened his eyes slightly.

Some people standing there tried to give the boy water to drink. Immediately D.G.P. Sylendra Babu said that water should not be given at this time and took the water and poured it on the boy’s head.

He ordered the police on patrol to arrange an ambulance immediately. After a while, a small vehicle that also travels on the beach sand came there. Immediately, Sylendra Babu lifted the boy in his arms and asked him to take him to the hospital.

It was then that he became the DGP of Police to many. It was known. Relatives of the boy and members of the public have praised the police DGP.

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