Tamil NaduDirector Lingusamy explained the check fraud case

Director Lingusamy explained the check fraud case

Director Lingusamy has explained that he will appeal against the sentence of 6 months imprisonment for director Lingusamy in connection with the check fraud case.

In 2014, Tirupati Brothers received a loan of 1 crore 3 lakh rupees from a financial company called PVP Capitals. However, PVP Capitals filed a case in Madras High Court against Lingusamy’s Tirupati Brothers Company as they continued to produce films without repaying this loan.

The Madras High Court heard the case and ordered director Lingusamy to repay the loan received from PVP. Subsequently, Director Lingusamy handed over checks for 1 crore 3 lakh rupees to PVP Capitals.

But as the checks were returned uncashed, PVP Capitals filed a case against Lingusamy in Saidapet Court, Chennai. The Saidappet court that heard the case sentenced director Lingusamy to 6 months imprisonment.

In this case, director Lingusamy has explained. In that, it is my duty to give a self-explanation to a news about me that is being sensationalized in many media today. He said, this case is between PVP Capital Limited and our production company Tirupati Brothers Film Media Private Limited.

The court has given a verdict on the case filed by them today. We are going to file an immediate appeal against the court’s decision today and we are going to face legal action,” he said.

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