Tamil NaduDo you know where is the 2nd airport locating Parandur near Chennai?

Do you know where is the 2nd airport locating Parandur near Chennai?

The central government has now announced a suitable location for the second airport in Chennai.

Chennai: Anna International Airport is operational at Meenambakkam, Chennai. Efforts to set up a 2nd airport have been underway for the past few years. Kanchipuram, Tiruporur, Madhuranthakam, Parandur, Pannur in Thiruvallur district were selected for the construction of the 2nd airport in Chennai.

A multi-stage survey was conducted on these 4 locations. At the end of these studies it was said that a 2nd international airport could be set up at Parandur or Pannur. Also 4500 acres in Pannur and 4791 acres in Parantur were selected. However, the exact location has not been officially announced.

A few days ago, Minister Thangam held talks with the Minister of Civil Aviation in Delhi. In this case, DMK MP said in the Rajya Sabha that Chennai’s 2nd airport will be located at Parantur. Ministry of Civil Aviation has responded to the question raised by Kanimozhi Somu.

Parantur 2nd Airport is to be constructed in 5,000 acres at a cost of Rs 1,500 crore. Parantur is 12 km from the Chennai-Bangalore highway. It is noted that it is located near Kanchipuram at a distance of 69 kilometers from the center of Chennai.

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