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Does Your body have these symptoms? You may have HIV or a Sexually Transmitted Disease

Doctors warn that you may have a sexually transmitted disease like HIV without knowing it. Let's find out what are its symptoms.

HIV is what we know as a sexually transmitted disease. But not only that but also some other milk related diseases. It can be said that many people have no understanding about this disease or how it spreads. Studies show that sexually transmitted diseases affect both men and women.

In that way, sexually transmitted disease has emerged as a huge epidemic that affects everyone from boys over 15 years old to women over 40 years old. It is said to be more prevalent in developing countries like India and women are more affected.

Doctors who warn that this sexually transmitted disease is only caused by sexual relations beyond marriage, or physical relations with more than one person, say that there are 3 more sexually transmitted diseases like HIV. That is, sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, trachoma, syphilis, etc. They also say that there is a possibility of spreading.

Symptoms of venereal disease

Symptoms of STDs are different for men and women. Men may experience soreness on the penis, white discharge during urination, erysipelas, skin rash, cramping between the legs, pain in the lower abdomen and pelvis. Similarly in women, some symptoms like excessive discharge, yellow and green discharge, discharge with foul odor, genital tenderness and irritation, pain in lower abdomen with fever.

Such sexually transmitted diseases can be completely cured if detected at an early stage and treated properly. However, clinical studies suggest that stage II and beyond cannot be cured unless the effects of the disease can be isolated.

But three sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, human papilloma virus and hepatitis are incurable even if treated. As mentioned earlier, if any of these symptoms appear in your body, see a doctor immediately for treatment. The beginning is the solution to everything.

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