Tamil NaduDuring the presence of the UN Secretary General, Russia attacked Kyiv with...

During the presence of the UN Secretary General, Russia attacked Kyiv with a rocket

Russia on Thursday launched a rocket attack in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev during the presence of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres .

It was Russia’s first attack on the capital Kyiv since the middle of this month, in which 10 people were injured. The attack also surprised Guterres and his team.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleba said that apart from Guterres, Bulgarian Prime Minister Kirill Petkov was also present in Kyiv at the time of the attack.

Mayor said about two attacks

Emergency services said a rocket from Russia hit a 25-story residential building on Thursday evening. The attack caught fire on two floors of the building and a plume of smoke began to rise. 10 people have been injured in this attack.

Kyiv’s mayor said there had been two attacks in Shevchenkovsky district, one of which targeted the lowest floor of a residential building.

Guterres and his team safe

The United Nations team that visited Kiev is safe, but this attack has taken them by surprise.

“It is a war zone, but it is shocking that this attack has happened so close to us,” the UN official said. However, he did not give information about the distance of the attack from the team.

Let us tell you that Antonio Guterres recently went to Moscow to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin and appealed to him to stop the war.

The attack took place after the meeting of Guterres and Zelensky

The rocket attack from the Russian side came about an hour after Guterres met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky . These two leaders held a joint press conference about 3.5 km from the site of the attack.

Responding to the attack, Zelensky said, “Five Russian missiles hit our skies shortly after our meeting today. This shows the efforts of the Russian leadership to shame the United Nations.”

Ukraine calls attack on global security

The Ukrainian foreign minister called the Russian attack a “heinous act of barbarism”, while the defense minister said it was an attack on the secretary general’s security and global security.

Guterres visited many places

Guterres, who is on his first visit to Ukraine since the start of the war, visited several cities and villages around the capital Kyiv, where Russia has been accused of killing civilians.

He also visited Bucha, where Russia is being strongly criticized for the massacre. Guterres then said that war in the 21st century is a folly. War is an evil.

War has entered the third month

The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has entered its third month. The war began with Putin’s announcement on 24 February to conduct a “special military operation” in the Donbass.

Ukraine says it has suffered serious losses as a result of the war, but it is less than the damage done to Russia.

Meanwhile , the US has announced $ 33 billion in aid to Ukraine.

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