Tamil NaduFather's Day 2022 Best ideas for free gifts

Father’s Day 2022 Best ideas for free gifts

Father’s Day is back! The opportunity to celebrate the fathers of families on this very special day and to spoil them with gifts. It can of course be gifts bought in the trade but also presents that you will make yourself.

We share some ideas below to mark the occasion and celebrate this tradition as it should. You will also find the official date of Father’s Day in France and abroad as well as the origins of this holiday.

What is Father’s Day in France and in other countries (Portugal, Spain, Italy, etc.)?

In France, the date of the celebration of Father’s Day is fixed on the third Sunday of June. This year, it will take place on Sunday, June 19. But it does not fall on the same day every year. And how is it going abroad? For example, in Spain, Portugal or Italy, dads are celebrated on March 19.

In Brazil, it falls on the second Sunday of August. In Russia, it’s February 23. In New Zealand, Father’s Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of September every year. But some countries celebrate Father’s Day on the same day as in France: the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom.

Drawings, coloring, cards, and poems… What special gift to offer for Father’s Day?
In lack of gift ideas for Father’s Day? These few suggestions should help!

A drawing/coloring

Drawing (or coloring) is one of those gifts that never disappoints. Often kept for many years, it allows you to please your dad and show him how much you love him while showing his creative side. Drawing is a big yes!

All drawing and coloring ideas

Sure value, the card is always a good idea on the occasion of Father’s Day. Discover below some ideas for cards to make, cards to print or even cards to color.

All the ideas of cards to make

A delicious recipe

Blackberry and lemon cheesecake, soft pancakes, zucchini tempura with curry… Are you already salivating at the mere mention of these dishes? Make your dad happy and surprise him with these delicious cooking recipes. Let your creativity do the talking and the result will be all the more surprising.

All cooking recipe ideas

A poem

Words have immeasurable power to say what is on your heart. And it’s often easier to do it in writing than orally. So why not do it by writing a poem for your dad? Check out some poem ideas below.

All poem ideas

A personalized keyring

To please his dad while giving him a personalized gift, the DIY keychain is a good idea. Indeed, it will be a useful gift that he can take with him everywhere.

All personalized keychain ideas

A song

Why don’t you sing a song to your daddy? No need to have any talent as a singer / singer, but the fact of singing a song to him on Father’s Day may make him happy and move him.

All song ideas

The diploma of the best dad

To color and fill in, the diploma of the best dad will allow your child to practice writing and coloring. Here are several models of best dad diplomas for Father’s Day.

All Best Dad Diploma Templates

What is the origin of Father’s Day?

If Mother’s Day has its origins in ancient times, Father’s Day is a little more recent. It is in the 15th century that it finds its foundations. At that time, every March 19 was celebrated as Saint Joseph, the adoptive father of Jesus. With the law of December 9, 1905 separating the Church and the state, this festival disappears.

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It was not until 1950 that it reappeared in the form we know today. A commercial operation, launched by Marcel Quercia, director of the Breton company Flaminaire, will largely contribute to its popularity. In 1952, it was officially recognized by the state. According to this decree, the date was set for the third Sunday of June in France.

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