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Fourth wave of Corona will come in India! Will there be a lockdown again, know the opinion of experts

People all over the world are suffering from corona virus infection. The havoc of Corona is not taking its name to end. After the first wave, second and third wave, now the fourth wave is being feared in India. Many European countries are suffering from Corona.

The condition of China has also become battered. Here in India too, the threat of new variants of Omicron is increasing. Corona infection is spreading rapidly in Mumbai, Delhi. In such a situation, it is being feared that the fourth wave may knock in the country soon.

Lalit Kant of the Indian Council of Medical Research says that as soon as people stop wearing masks in the country. The number of corona infected patients starts increasing rapidly. In such a situation, there will be ups and downs in the case of Corona. But it is important that the death toll does not increase.

What restrictions are needed

In view of the increasing cases of corona, many states have made masks mandatory. Fines are also being imposed for not wearing a mask. For example, a fine of Rs 500 is being imposed in Delhi for not wearing a mask.

Experts say that applying masks should be implemented along with health education. But apart from wearing a mask, there is no need to impose any restrictions.

There is no need to impose lockdown

Epidemiologist Dr. Chandrakant Laharia has said in a conversation with The Indian Express that how long can we apply masks and implement other restrictions? Even if people get corona then there is no need to panic. The reason for this is that the virus is quite mild and there is no need to close schools or impose lockdown for this

Emphasis on mask and vaccination

Experts say that it is very important for people to wear masks in crowded areas to avoid the corona virus. Not only this, emphasis has also been laid on vaccination. Experts say that people who have not vaccinated should get the vaccine. Also, people who need a booster dose must take it.

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