Tamil NaduGujarat girl is going to marry herself, will also go on honeymoon

Gujarat girl is going to marry herself, will also go on honeymoon

This will probably be the first marriage of its kind in the country.

Kshama Bindu, 24, who lives in Gujarat ‘s Vadodara city, is going to get married on June 11 in traditional rituals without a groom.

If you are thinking that if there will be no groom, then with whom will she take the rounds, then tell that forgiveness is not going to marry with any young man but with herself.

This will probably be the first marriage of its kind in the country.

Didn’t want to get married, but want to be a bride – Sorry

According to TOI , Kshama told, “Since my teenage years I didn’t want to get married but wanted to be a bride, so I decided to get married myself. This is probably the first self-marriage or sologamy in Gujarat.”

Kshama further told that in a web series an actress had said that “every woman wants to be a bride but not a wife” and since then the idea of ​​marrying herself came to mind.

What is Sologamy?

Sologamy or autogamy refers to the marriage of a man or woman on his own. Supporters of sologamy argue that marrying oneself is a sign of self-importance. It is also called monogamous marriage.

Singles are getting married because of attachment to themselves

Kshami, who works in a private firm, said that people tend to marry someone they love. She loves herself, so she is also marrying herself.

Sorry also did some online research to see if any women in the country had married themselves, but couldn’t find any.

Forgiveness said, “Maybe I’m the first girl in my country to set an example of self-love.”

Forgiveness also pointed out that hearing about her unique marriage may seem strange to many, or that some may even consider self-marriage to be irrelevant. However, what she is really trying to portray is that women matter.

Kshama said that his parents are open-minded and they are in support of their such marriage.

There will also be vermilion in demand, will also go on honeymoon

Kshama has chosen a temple at Gotri place in Vadodara for the venue of her wedding and she is going to take five vows to herself in the wedding.

Interestingly, all the traditional rituals starting from seven rounds without a groom will take place. Even vermilion will be used in the demand.

Not only this, after marriage, forgiveness will also go on honeymoon. For this she is going to stay in Goa for two weeks. Sorry keeps posting her pictures on Instagram often. More than 17,000 people follow his account.

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