Tamil NaduHow did the Electrocution at the Tanjore Chariot Festival?

How did the Electrocution at the Tanjore Chariot Festival?

At least 11 people have been killed in a power outage at the Tanjore Chariot Festival.

Tanjore: In the village of Kalimedu near Thanjavur, the Chithrai festival for Upper Gurupuja is usually held from 12 midnight till early morning.

In this context, on the eve of the 94th Chithrai Festival at the Kalimedu Upper Temple, the festival was held with much fanfare last night. The chariot was brought through various streets in the clay area. When the chariot came near the temple it slammed into the high voltage wire.

As a result, 10 people were electrocuted and died on the spot. Many of the toad catchers have been thrown out. Of these, more than 30 were admitted to Tanjore Government Hospital with serious injuries.

One person who was admitted to the intensive care unit with serious injuries died without treatment. As a result, the death toll from the power outage at the Chariot Festival has risen to 11. 3 of them are boys.

In this case, the sensational information about how the chariot was electrocuted has now been released.

According to a person from Kalimedu area who witnessed the incident, the festival is held annually in the month of Chittirai for 3 days for the god Thirunavukarasu. In that way the chariot will leave the temple at 10 last night and come around the town and go back to the temple.

The last time I went around the town to worship Sami at a house, there was a high power line near the top of the road when I broke the coconut and returned to the temple. Road widening work has taken place this year. The new road has been raised by 2 feet. During the road widening, high voltage wire was laid over the road.

Then, the generator cart, which was coming from behind, got stuck when the toad pullers turned the toad.

Thus, they have tried to go to the side of the road and bend the toad so that the road is wide without being able to pull the toad back again.

When the toad was pulled like that, the aquarius, which was set up in the form of a lift on the top of the chariot, slammed into the high pressure wire that was going over the road.

The system, which was set up in the form of a folding lift on the top of the chariot, has been used in areas where there are power lines when coming through the streets. That folding lifting system is used to reduce the height of the chariot.

But, when turning the toad on the road do not use the folding lifting system that reduces the height of the chariot. This was not noticed by the people who pulled the toad, the boys and the person who was driving the generator. The high pressure wire that was going over the road when the toad was turning hit the top of the chariot as it did not use the folding lifting system that reduces the height of the chariot.

Thus, the electricity flowing through the high voltage wire flowed onto the vehicle carrying the iron chariot and generator. As a result, the toad-catchers, the operator who was driving the generator, and the person sitting in the chariot to break the coconut for puja were electrocuted.

Not everyone could do anything about the power outage because of the high pressure. The high-pressure wire was dangerous because it was kept inside the town above the road.

The height of the road has been increased by 2 feet while constructing the new road. Thus, the height between the chariot and the electric wire has come close. Attempting to turn the toad on the road caused electricity to flow all over the chariot on the electric wire that was going above the top of the chariot.

The road ahead will be short. Then, they will turn the toad inside the road. Currently the road is widening and its height is increasing and the toad is slightly forward and curved so that electricity flows throughout the top of the chariot on the high pressure wire that goes above the road. The vehicle carrying the generator, which was coming from behind the chariot, was also electrocuted. ‘

The details of the casualties in this chariot accident have now been released. Accordingly, Mohan (age 22), Pratap (age 36), Raghavan (age 24), Anpalagan (age 60), Nagarajan (age 60), Selvam (age 56), Saminathan (age 56), Govindaraj, Santosh (age 15) ), Rajkumar (age 14), Paranitharan (age 13).

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