Tamil NaduHow to add new Member Name to Ration Card Online?

How to add new Member Name to Ration Card Online?

The ration card is the most important document on which the ration is distributed. Apart from this, ration card is also required for government scheme benefits.

Similarly the names of all the family members will be registered in the ration card. If there is a new member in the family, such as a new bride or children, it is necessary to include their name on the ration card as well.

Find out the complete process for adding a new family member’s name to the ration card here.

Add a new member name like this

  • If a member comes to the family after marriage, first renew his Aadhar card.
  • Husband’s name should be included in the Aadhar card of the female member.
  • The father’s name is required to add the child’s name.
  • In addition, the address must be changed.
  • After renewal of Aadhar card, along with a copy of the amended Aadhar card, to add the name on the ration card, the Food Officer should give the application.

These documents are important for children

  • If the child is born at home, it is mandatory to prepare the Aadhar card of the first born child.
  • This will require the birth certificate of the child.
  • After that, you have to apply for registration of name in Aadhar card.

You can apply online

  • After completing the above mentioned process, you have to submit your application to the office.
  • Can apply to add names of new members sitting at home.
  • For this, go to the official website of your state catering department
  • If your state has the facility to add members’ names online, you can do this work from home.

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