Tamil NaduIf you take care of the car's battery in monsoon, its life...

If you take care of the car’s battery in monsoon, its life will increase

So today we have brought some such tips for you which will help you to keep your car battery fit in monsoon.

Every year the monsoon season brings heavy rains and water logging . This weather has a bad effect on the vehicles and there is a risk of damage to their battery and many engine parts. Actually, due to water, the battery in the car can get damaged and stop working.

So today we have brought some such tips for you which will help you to keep your car battery fit in monsoon.

Fit battery properly

To extend the life of the car battery , you have to take care of it. Make sure that the battery is tightly fitted in its place during monsoon season. If the battery doesn’t fit tightly, it will move around while the car is moving, which can cause a short circuit. Not only can this drain the battery, but it can also damage the car’s electricals.

Start the car every day

It has been seen that many people do not like to drive their car in monsoon . Because of this the car remains parked for several days. If you do not start your car for weeks or months, then the car battery gets discharged and because of this, it gets damaged quickly. So start the car every day. This keeps the engine of the car warm and also charges the battery.

Make sure to clean the battery

Car battery cleaning is also very important. Distilled water is needed to keep its acid diluted. The water level drops and the acid thickens when the car is used continuously. Because of this a gas starts to form in the battery. This gas causes a blue-green coating to form on the battery which can damage it. Therefore, the battery should be cleaned from time to time.

Do not turn on other electronic equipment without turning on the ignition

For your information, let us tell you that when the ignition of the car is not on, then its other electronic devices like headlights and music system etc. should not be turned on. If all these are turned on when the ignition is turned off, then its full load will come on the car’s battery. This is also a big reason for the short battery life. So don’t turn on other electronic devices in monsoon without turning on the ignition.

Do not park your car in the open

Never park your car in the open during monsoon. It has been observed that when water falls on the battery, it cools down and gets discharged quickly. Therefore, the car should always be parked in a closed place or garage. This will not damage your car battery. At the same time, if you are parking the car for a long time, you should disconnect the battery terminal.

Get it checked by a mechanic

If you are facing any problem in starting the car during monsoon, then get the battery checked by a mechanic immediately and get a new battery put in it if needed.

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