Tamil NaduImran Khan urges immediate elections in Pakistan

Imran Khan urges immediate elections in Pakistan

New Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has called on Prime Minister Narendra Modi to find a solution to the Jammu and Kashmir issue.

Islamabad: The no-confidence motion brought by the opposition against the Imran Khan government in the Pakistani parliament has won. Thus the Imran Khan government was overthrown. Also, Imran Khan was removed from the post of Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Subsequently, opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif was elected the new Prime Minister of Pakistan. Shahbaz Sharif was sworn in as the new Prime Minister yesterday.

Speaking on the occasion, Shahbaz Sharif said that Pakistan wants good relations with India.

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan has called for immediate elections in Pakistan.

In a Twitter message released by Imran Khan in this regard, we demand immediate elections in Pakistan. He has posted that let the people decide who should come as the Prime Minister.

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