Tamil NaduIs there a ban on shawarma in Tamil Nadu? Health Minister Ma...

Is there a ban on shawarma in Tamil Nadu? Health Minister Ma Subramanian explanation

Tamil Nadu Health Minister Ma Subramanian has said that steps will be taken to close Shawarma shops selling without adequate security facilities.

Chennai: The recent death of a 16-year-old girl in Kerala after eating chicken shawarma has come as a shock. The investigation revealed that the shop where the student Shawarma ate was cooked in an unhygienic manner and was operating without a food safety license.

Following this, food safety officials are inspecting Shawarma shops in Tamil Nadu and sealing the shops that do not follow the rules.

Commenting on this, Health Minister Ma Subramaniam said that in Shawarma, chronic meat, if not properly processed, would affect the health of all.

Mr. Subramanian said that they were investigating whether the Shawarma shops were operating in accordance with the relevant rules and that steps would be taken to close the shops selling Shawarma without adequate security facilities.

Minister Subramanian also said that although western food items like shawarma are adapted to the climate of the country, there is a risk of not following the proper method of preparation in our town and asked the people to avoid consuming such foreign food.

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