Tamil Nadu'Jai Bhim' row Chennai Saidapet court orders file FIR against Actor Suriya...

‘Jai Bhim’ row Chennai Saidapet court orders file FIR against Actor Suriya & Jyothika

Chennai: A court in Saidapet has directed the Velachery police inspector to register a case against Suriya and Jyothika, who produced the film Jai Bhim.

Santosh Nayak, the founding president of the Rudra Vanniyar Sena, lodged a complaint with the Velachery Police Inspector on December 8, 2021. In it, he demanded action under the Indian Penal Code against producers Suriya, Jyothika, director Gnanavell, art director, Madurai American College principal Thavamani Christopher, Armor Claret Council Raphael Raj among others.

Jai Bhim said the film had insulted the Hindu Vanniyar community by showing its intent to disrupt national unity, cause national division and incite religious and caste riots among the people.

He had created hatred in the minds of other people and said that the fire bomb and Mahalakshmi worshiped by the people of the Vanniyar community had tarnished the name of the Guru.

With the money donated by foreign proselytizing organizations, the Agaram Foundation will handle the money and take the picture of Jaybeam with that money. The petitioner alleged that he had given Rs 1 crore as advertising cost to the Christian converts and that he had committed crimes against foreign exchange and against the intentions of the Agaram Foundation. Petitioner Santosh Nayak had stated in the complaint that these should be punished under the Indian Penal Code.

Following this, he filed a case in the Saidapet court in Chennai saying that no action had been taken on the complaint. The Saidapet court, which heard the case, directed the Saidapet court to register the case within 5 days on the complaint. The judge also ordered that the first information report be filed on May 20.

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