Tamil NaduMadras Eye Spreading Across Chennai City Many Places

Madras Eye Spreading Across Chennai City Many Places

Chennai: Madras Eye is spreading rapidly in Chennai due to climate change. Doctors say at least 50 people visit the hospitals every day.

Madras eye is caused by a viral infection of the membrane that connects the eyeball and eyelid. It is spread through air and pollution.

Eye irritation, redness of the eyelids, watery discharge and stickiness of the lids are the main symptoms. Itchy eyes when walking outside.

Ophthalmologists say about this, the infection can be spread if other people use the handkerchiefs used by people suffering from Madras eye disease. If one eye is affected, the other eye is more likely to be affected.

It’s just a simple infection that can be cured. Proper treatment should be given first. Deterioration of the period results in blurred vision. So people who have Madras eye infection should be careful. They said to be careful as it can easily spread from one person to another.

Eye hospital doctor said; 

It is a common infectious disease. Some people get fever and cold even when they get madras eye. This virus does not cause lung damage.

If infected people have Madras Eye in the refrigerator, it can spread rapidly to others. 3 to 4 days. If you come to Madras, stay in a separate room. Separate towel and soap should be used.

Do not buy and use medicines for eye pain without doctor’s advice. Sometimes iris damage can also occur. He said that the eye should be protected.

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