Tamil NaduNayanthara O2 Movie 2022 Review How is Nayan Story of Oxygen Film?

Nayanthara O2 Movie 2022 Review How is Nayan Story of Oxygen Film?

O2, directed by debutant director Vignesh and starring Nayantara, has been released live on ODT.

The film, directed by Vignesh and titled O2, which stands for Oxygen, tries to convey the importance of air. The bus from Coimbatore to Kochi unexpectedly slides and gets buried in the ground. The director has tried to tell through the lively screenplay whether the eleven people in it escaped or not.

The story is written around Nayantara who is interested in nature and her son who has a breathing problem. Nayanthara leaves for Kochi with an oxygen cylinder for her son’s treatment. The bus in which he was traveling was carrying a drug trafficking police officer, a man who was released after serving a prison sentence for a crime he did not commit, including a former MLA.

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Bus journey to be completed in 4 hours. But due to the rain, the landslide caused the bus to get stuck in the ground. An environment where 11 people can survive with only 10 hours of oxygen there. The film moves on with the question of who will survive and who will die.

In addition, the film crew has tried to create anticipation among the fans about what the police officer who traveled in the bus for drug trafficking is going to do to others. But even though the character acted against Nayantara, the viewers did not create hatred in their minds. And those who are there when the oxygen is low point to the boy’s oxygen cylinder. Did they capture it or not? Were those on the bus rescued? Did Nayantara save her son? Is the rest of the story.

No mother is dangerous to her child and will not be idle, even if it is a tree. Verses such as landslides occur on ordinary mountains because the mountains are too steep, even though they pass by the screenplay, are noticeable.

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Much of the O2 film moves in a bus stuck in the ground. The cinematographer Tamil has captured that small space very nicely. He has recorded each and every scene in such a way that it does not chime. Vishal Chandrasekhar’s music is the backbone of his melodies.

The film stars Nayanthara, Aadukalam Murugadoss, boy Ritwik, director Bharath Neelakandan and late actor RNR Manohar in the lead roles.

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The minus is the lack of stressful scenes in this film which was taken with the intention of emphasizing the importance of oxygen. Nor did the scene of them trying to attack each other for oxygen create tension. And the role of Nayantara, the heroine of the film, is not important enough. This makes the film look like it should have been super. Let’s take a look at the O2 image though.

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