Tamil NaduNew CCTV video shows Srimathi's body lying on the ground being lifted...

New CCTV video shows Srimathi’s body lying on the ground being lifted by 4 people

From time to time some CCTV footage has been released regarding the mysterious death of Kallakurichi student Srimathi which is shocking.

Chennai: A student of class 12 in Kanyamoor private school near Chinnasalem in Kallakurichi district died mysteriously on 13th of last month. It was informed by the school administration that the student Srimathi. committed suicide by falling on the school floor.

But the case was handed over to the CBCID after the parents’ relatives protested that they were suspicious of their daughter’s death. The CBCID police have launched an investigation into the suicide of a female student.

In this case, new CCTV footage has been released regarding the death of Srimathi. In it, while the scene of the student walking in the school premises and going upstairs, while the body of Srimathi. was on the floor, there are scenes of 4 people including the secretary of the school, the peace guard of the school, the caretaker of the Manangkatti hostel, Krithika, carrying the body of the student to the hospital.

How is it that the CCTV videos related to the student are being released bit by bit? Advocate Kasi Viswanathan said that the police should show the entire videos to them. Also, Srimathi’s mother Selvi said.

First she was shown the CCTV footage on 13th and after that no CCTV footage was shown to her. He has insisted that the entire CCTV footage should be released if it is true that his daughter fell and died.

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