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New Zealand Becomes First Country Create Law and Ban Tobacco, Smoke-free generation in the World

Although there are occasional calls for a ban on smoking. No strict law has been enacted for it.

Cigarette ban in New Zealand: Young people born after 2008 can no longer buy cigarettes in New Zealand. Thus, future generations will not be able to smoke. The New Zealand government has introduced a new bill for this. Young people born after 2008 will no longer be able to smoke after they reach the age of 18, according to new New Zealand legislation that bans the new generation from legally buying cigarettes. All New Zealand MPs have unanimously agreed to legislate on this.

Act to prevent youth from buying cigarettes

The New Zealand government has introduced new legislation aimed at creating a smoke-free generation, adding a purchase age that prevents young people from legally buying cigarettes.

Cigarettes are available in specialty shops

A debate was held in the New Zealand Parliament regarding the new bill. In addition to raising the smoking age, drastically reducing the amount of nicotine in cigarettes and allowing them to be sold only in specialized tobacco shops rather than in shops and supermarkets have been discussed.

Support given by opposition parties

Most of the parties are in favor of this law. Matt Ducey of the opposition National Party said his party supported the legislation. However, they have expressed concerns about the proper implementation of this law. However, after the bill was introduced, only the Libertarian Law Party opposed it.

2025 is the target

After passing this bill, the government expects that by 2025, less than 5 percent of the country’s population will smoke. At the same time, Malaysia is also considering banning the sale of all tobacco products, including smoking and e-cigarettes, to anyone born after 2007.

10.7% of Australians smoke

Australia’s anti-smoking advocates say anti-smoking laws could be introduced, similar to New Zealand, where only 10.7 percent of the population smokes. It is the lowest in the world.

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