Tamil NaduNo need to panic even if the corona infection increases, experts say

No need to panic even if the corona infection increases, experts say

With no new variants found, experts say there is no need to panic even if the corona infection increases.

New Delhi: Increase in infection In India, the corona infection triggered by omega-3s and its sub-viruses has been gaining momentum since the beginning of this month. The previous day, 8,329 people had been infected.

Kerala, Mizoram, Goa, Maharashtra, Delhi, Haryana, Sikkim, Chandigarh, Karnataka and Himachal Pradesh are among the top 10 states with the highest corona impact rate. The states with more than a thousand corona patients are Kerala, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Delhi, Haryana and Tamil Nadu.

‘No need to panic’

Experts say the public need not panic despite the rising tide of infection. What they say about it;

Dr. NK Arora (Chairman, National Technical Advisory Committee on Immunization); We do not see any new variants of concern. There are currently PA4, PA5, PA2 variants in India. These are slightly more contagious.

People who are immunocompromised are currently the most vulnerable. They only face problems like the common cold and influenza.

So there is no need to panic. We must follow the rules of the Corona term. The mask should be integrated into everyday life.

‘Nothing to worry about’

Dr. Randeep Gularia (Director, Delhi Aims Hospital);

Currently the number of infections is increasing but there is nothing to worry about. But we must not underestimate our security features. Focus on intensive testing. Thus there is no chance of missing out on discovering new variants.

There has been dissatisfaction among the people in following the corona restrictions. Those who need to take precautionary doses are not taking them.

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‘Follow the Rules’

Dr. Nivedita Gupta (Head of Infectious Diseases, Medical Research Council of India);

We must remember that the corona is not over yet. Everyone should make sure to get vaccinated including the precautionary dose. The vaccine prevents serious attacks, hospitalizations, and deaths.

The incidence of local epidemics has increased in some districts. But there must be efforts and restrictions to keep the areas under control. Experts say it is important to ensure compliance with individual intervals and adherence to corona time rules.

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