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Tamil NaduPower Cut Today July 28 on Tiruppur District TNEB Shutdown

Power Cut Today July 28 on Tiruppur District TNEB Shutdown

Today Tiruppur City Power Cut Area Details has released

Tiruppur : The Electricity Board has published the details of the areas where electricity will be cut in Devanurpudur, Tamil Nadu Thursday Today 28th July 2022. According to it, the details of the areas where there will be power cut (July 28) at Devanurpudur of Tiruppur district have been released.

Electricity maintenance works are being conducted frequently in many districts of Tamil Nadu. Due to frequent heavy rains, electricity maintenance work is being done every month to prevent electrical accidents and to provide uninterrupted electricity.

Today Tiruppur Monthly Maintenance Shutdown July 28th 2022

As the monthly maintenance work is going on at the Devanurpudur sub-station next to Udumalai, there will be no electricity in the following areas on Thursday (July 28) from 9 am to 5 pm.

Locations of Power Outages: கரட்டூா், ராவணாபுரம், கரட்டுமடம், அனுமந்தபட்டிணம், பாண்டியன்கரடு, ஆண்டியூா், பருத்தியூா், ரெட்டியாரூா், அம்மிசிகவுண்டனூா், தீபாலபட்டி, அா்த்தநாரிபாளையம், எரிசனம்பட்டி, தேவனூா்புதூா், வல்லக்குண்டாபுரம், ஜேஎன்.பாளையம், சாளையூா், ரெட்டிபட்டி, சா்க்காா்புதூா்.

In that regard, the Electricity Board has released the details of the power outage areas at sub-station in Tiruppur district (July 28).

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