Tamil NaduPuducherry 4 youths were arrested for trying to earn money by selling...

Puducherry 4 youths were arrested for trying to earn money by selling ganja to students

4 teenagers arrested for selling ganja to students in Puducherry

Pudhucherry: Police arrested 4 people for selling ganja to students in Laspettai, Puducherry and confiscated motorcycles and cell phones. There are educational institutions like colleges, community colleges and schools in Puducherry Laspettai. The police received a tip-off that the sale of ganja was heating up in the area. Following this, the police intensified surveillance operations.

Laspet police sub-inspector Thirumurugan and the police were patrolling near the Tagore College ground. At that time, 3 people who were standing there suspiciously were caught and interrogated and they gave contradictory information. Due to this, he became more suspicious and during the search, it was found that he was hiding a small amount of ganja packets.

Following this, all 3 people were taken to the police station for questioning. It was revealed that they were Maniyazhagan (19) from Urulayanpet South Road, Cheran (21) from Kosappalayam and Lokesh (21) from Krishnanagar and were involved in the sale of ganja.

It was revealed that Shanthakumar (22) from Villivakam, Chennai, was supplying them with ganja packets in bulk. He had already come to Laspet near Tagore College last night to collect the money for the ganja which he had supplied a few days ago. He was also arrested by the police.

Police arrested Maniyazhagan, Cheran, Lokesh and Shanthakumar who were selling ganja to school and college students. Police seized 250 grams of ganja, 4 cell phones, Rs 11,500 in cash and 3 motorcycles from them.

Later these 4 were produced in the Puducherry court and sent to the Central Jail. Among them, Maniyazhagan and Cheran were working as mechanics in Puducherry and Lokesh was working as a tailor, but they were caught by the police when they were trying to earn money illegally by selling ganja to students.

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