Tamil NaduRussia Captures Chernobyl Radiation Hazard from Attack on Nuclear Power Plant

Russia Captures Chernobyl Radiation Hazard from Attack on Nuclear Power Plant

A large number of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians have been killed in the first day of attacks by Russian forces.

Russian forces have launched an offensive against Ukraine in the capital, Kiev. Russian Air Force planes flew into Ukraine and carried out air strikes.

Russia also attacked airports and security bases there. In response, the Ukrainian army shot down Russian planes. Heavy fighting broke out between the two countries on the first day. The intelligence headquarters of the Ministry of Defense, located in central Kiev, did not escape Russian attack.

Ukrainian border guards say Russia has carried out more than 200 attacks in a single day yesterday.

The news agency reported that 68 people, including Ukrainian soldiers and civilians, were killed in yesterday’s attack. However, more than a hundred people have been reported dead.

Russia has declared a successful first day of war on Ukraine. On the first day of the invasion, the Russian Defense Ministry said that 74 military structures, including 11 airports in Ukraine, had been defused and that the first day of the war had been won.

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Meanwhile, Russian forces captured the city of Chernobyl in Ukraine. The Ukrainian official also said that the attack by Russian forces had increased radiation from the waste protection area of ​​the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

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