Tamil NaduRussia-Ukraine conflict Is the world heading towards World War 3?

Russia-Ukraine conflict Is the world heading towards World War 3?

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday announced military action in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region and warned other countries of dire consequences if Russia intervened. Vladimir Putin said the attack was necessary to protect civilians in eastern Ukraine.

The reason for Russia’s attack

The United States has already expressed concern that Russia will try to falsely justify its attack on Ukraine. Earlier, Vladimir Putin had objected that the US and its allies’ joining Ukraine’s North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) would pose a threat to Russia’s security. Putin has said that NATO and the United States have failed to guarantee Russia’s security.

Putin justifies the attack

Vladimir Putin has said the move is in response to growing military threats from Ukraine. He said Russia’s aim was not to annex Ukraine to its territory, but to free the region from military domination and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Vladimir Putin has warned NATO and the West that Russia’s intervention could have serious consequences. Attacks have been launched in Kiev, Kharkiv, Odessa and other cities in Ukraine amid Vladimir Putin’s speech.

Will NATO and US retaliate against Russia?

US President Joe Biden has said that Russian President Vladimir Putin has launched a catastrophic and planned war. Joe Biden blamed Russia for the attack and said the United States and its allies would take decisive action.

Through the Third World War …

While the United States has made it very clear that it is a firm move against Vladimir Putin’s military action, NATO nations may also take initiatives to defend Ukraine. Ukraine wants to join NATO. But Russia’s opposition to it. NATO nations want to protect Ukraine. In this case, there is no denying the possibility of a world war if Russia continues its military operations.

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The reason for Putin to warn the world

In the midst of military repression on Ukraine, Putin warned other countries not to try to interfere in Russian operations. Putin has warned that it is important for him to protect his country and its people, and that Russia will retaliate against any country that seeks to destabilize or threaten its sovereignty, causing unprecedented damage in history. Putin has demanded that Ukrainian troops immediately lay down their arms and return home.

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