Tamil NaduSavukku Shankar Twitter Account is disabled or Banned?

Savukku Shankar Twitter Account is disabled or Banned?

Twitter account of journalist and political commentator Savukku Shankar has been temporarily disabled.

Savukku Shankar has been constantly sharing his views on the internet and Twitter against the ruling central and state governments.

He has been speaking publicly about corruption and irregularities among politicians and government officials.

Because of this, many government and police officers were very angry with him. Recently his name was mentioned in a complaint filed against a private press for fraud.

In the complaint filed by the construction company G Square, the name of Savukku Shankar was also mentioned. Later the name of the private press was deleted but his name was not deleted. A few days ago a female journalist had filed a complaint against him.

In this case, Savukku Shankar’s Twitter account has been temporarily suspended. It is also said that Tamil Nadu Police Department is after this.

Savukku Shankar has been talking a lot about the orderly method on Twitter recently. The court also reprimanded the government officials not to use the orderlies for personal use. He also regularly posted that government officials were using government vehicles to send their children to school.

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Enraged by this, the government officials have asked the police to do something about Savukku Shankar. It is also said that the police have blocked his Twitter account. It is also said that arrest proceedings are pending against him.

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