Tamil NaduSkimmer Device Found in Mylapore ATM Machine A Textile Dealer Manohar Arrested

Skimmer Device Found in Mylapore ATM Machine A Textile Dealer Manohar Arrested

ATM A textile dealer was arrested for stealing information by installing a 'skimmer' device in the machine

Chennai : ATM in Chennai Mylapore The police arrested a textile dealer who installed a ‘skimmer’ device in the machine and stole information. They are searching for his absconding son.

Famous nationalized bank’s ATM on Santhom Highway, Mylapore, Chennai. There is a center. ATM in this center When the machine malfunctioned, the bank staff went to check it.

At that time, the customer’s ATM was in the machine there. They were shocked to find that the cards were fitted with a ‘skimmer’ device used to steal information.

They immediately filed a complaint at the Mylapore Police Station. Based on the complaint, the police registered a case and conducted an investigation.

During the investigation, 2 persons namely Manohar (age 58) and his son Anand from Old Vannarappet, Chennai, were found to have stolen the ATM. It was revealed that the machine was fitted with a ‘skimmer’ device. Manohar was subsequently arrested.

In the investigation conducted by the police, startling information has been revealed. Its details are as follows:-

Manohar used to run a textile shop in Vannarappet area. Expected profit is not available. Instead there was a loss in business. Due to this Manohar was stuck in severe financial crisis. His son Anand is an MPBS in Albania. He was studying. Due to Manohar’s loss in business, Anand was unable to continue his medical studies. Due to this, he stopped his studies halfway and returned to India.

He was working in a private company in Delhi. Anand got the ‘skimmer’ tool through contacts in the company. After that, Anand came to Chennai and went to that bank ATM with his father. It was found that the machine was fitted with a ‘skimmer’ device.

Anand, the main accused in the case, is absconding. The police are searching for him. The police said that the details of who else is connected will be known only after he is caught.

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