Tamil NaduSrimathi Last CCTV Footage Captured Kallakurichi School Before she died

Srimathi Last CCTV Footage Captured Kallakurichi School Before she died

For the past one week, the surveillance camera recordings have not been released, while the mystery has continued, the video footage of the student Srimathi. before her death has been released and has created a stir.

Chennai: Kallakurichi school girl death issue. The scene of the student walking in the school before her death was released. The scene of the student walking from the study room to the 3rd floor where the hostel is located was released shortly before the time of her alleged death.

On the 12th, at 9.30 pm, the student went upstairs. It is said that the student died at 10.30 pm. The mother of the student said that the body was seen by the guard of the school at 6 am the next day.

Last week, the mystery surrounding the death of Kallakurichi student Srimathi. regarding the surveillance camera footage in the school was cleared yesterday evening. Namely, a video recording of the student Srimathi. in the school on the night of 12th was released and created a lot of excitement.

In it, a scene was recorded of Srimathi. walking through the veranda area from inside a classroom (study room) of the school on the 2nd floor. Also the date in the video was mentioned as 12th and 21.29 hrs (ie 9.29 pm).

It featured the scene of Srimathi. walking alone from the classroom to the verandah and then climbing a flight of stairs leading to the upper floor.

As a result, the student who attended the night special class and went to the hostel, has died since then. But at what time and how, it is still not certain. Also, even if the student jumped from Srimathi. Hostel, the area where she fell on the floor, the way she fell from above, was recorded in the surveillance cameras in those areas, are there any related video recordings? Various questions are still not answered.

Meanwhile, the school administration had informed that all the surveillance camera recordings in the school have already been handed over to the police. So it is clear that more video recordings will be released in this case and will take the case to the next stage.

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